Discover how to get clarity in your life and career 
(without sacrificing your dreams) 


You’re in your daytime job, in your office cubicle while...

You scroll through social media, picture after picture

You start admiring that woman on screen, wanting her lifestyle while saying to yourself
"I want to be on that beach too, how I wish!! "

Sounds familiar? Well, that woman you admire so much? That could be YOU! 

While you’re chasing after your dreams, it’s often OVERWHELMING to choose the “RIGHT” career
(especially if you have many passion!)

Or, maybe you do not know what your passion is (yet)... If you feel this way, keep on reading because…

I’ve been where you are. I know what it feels like to be stuck and spinning around in circle.

No matter how much I pursue the “right” career, happiness, perfection, money, love, it simply was not enough.

I wonder, am I searching at the wrong place? Or am I simply afraid to walk the wrong path?

And then 3 years ago, EVERYTHING CHANGED.

When I made the decision to overthink no more and find that clarity I need, I finally feel free.

I left my banking role and I now help women to find their passion and purpose, so they can finally live their dreams.

And you’re still reading this, because you’re here for a reason.

You want something more than 9-5 job. And, guess what?

You do not have to figure it all out today. You definitely do not need to overthink this process! 
“Do not underestimate the power of clarity!”
If you want to live your dreams, you must FIRST be clear on your next step! Or else, you’ll find yourself going nowhere.

Sometimes, a little bit of guidance and attention is all it takes to see major shifts in your mindset, energy and in getting your passion and life on track again!  

If you feel that you’ve tried to figure things out on your own for too long, 
“Overthink No More” intensive will help you discover exactly what’s next and what else is possible for you.

  • Learn to say "No" to overthinking
  •  Achieve clarity of mind 
  •  Feel lighter and more at ease 
You’ll walk away with action step to bring you to the next chapter of your life. This is your chance to MAKE 2018 COUNT so you do not repeat that same new year resolution next year!
Before , I was floundering through life, trying to figure it out and getting nowhere, going around in circles.

I was full of self-doubt and had no direction. Everyone thought I was happy and relaxed while on the inside, it was just a chaotic mess.

I learned how to prioritize myself, that's the biggest thing. I'm not such a people pleaser anymore.
I feel lighter, more confident, more certain, heading in the direction I wanted to.

I recently created travel and foodie blog!
It's been really fun and I am much more the person that I wanted to be than when I started this!

- Tash, Australia
  • Be crystal clear on your next step in life 
  •  Feel like you’re on fire to rock your 2018  
  •  Feel free, light and at ease about your life, FINALLY! 
You deserve this. IT IS TIME for you to receive the gift of transformation. 

If your heart is calling, listen to it.
Ready to gift yourself private coaching session? 
“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”
- Lao Tzu 

  • Spaces are limited (10 spots only)
  •  Your 90 mins private coaching session is conducted online via Zoom  
  •  I’ll study you prior to the session. Upon registration, you’ll receive Welcome Pack asking detailed questions on your challenges, outcomes and desires. This way there’s no need to spend your session catching up on who you are, so we can make the most use of our time together.   
This offer is going sexy at USD $197 only! (worth USD $300)
At the beginning of the year, and for the longest time in my life, I’ve often felt weighed down by lots of negative thinking and anxiety. That has prevented me from pursuing many goals and from.
Six months later, I’m a very different person today.

I’m much happier, lighter, free-er, calmer and I seldom take the negative route when thinking about a goal.

You’ve marked a turning point in my life!

- Sara, Singapore
For years, Elies Hadi’ private clients have raved about her ability to help narrow down their problems and open up the possibilities for clients to see what their next step is. 

She has shared her story on newspaper, radio show, 93.8 FM, Yoga Journal, Wellness Insider & more.

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