I was blindly pursuing my “dream career” for 7 years, only to find out that....
Monday blues was an everyday thing. Wednesday's ladies night was to numb my empty soul. 
I was a living zombie who was BFF with the morning snooze button! One day, after crying in office’s toilet cubicle for an hour or so (embaarrrasssing, i knoww…), it FINALLY hit me that "enough is enough"!

I could not live one more day this way! I know I’m meant for something bigger, though I don’t know what that is.
"AND..a life changing decision was made...."
I quit my 9-5 job.

I started my soul-searching journey!  

To find my next step, direction & life-calling. 

After much self-work, I discovered by experience that life coaching is what I love to do. I enjoy helping working women to find their next step, so they can finally live their dream life!

WHY? Simply because, we're meant for more than being stuck in a cubicle!

Fast forward today, I am now living my dream life as i do what I love through life coaching.

Oh, I'm SO happy to “meet” you here! :)
Elies Hadi was seen on radio show 93.8FM, Yoga Journal, Wellness Insider, The Master Shift and other media. 

Her mission is to inspire women to find her freedom, so she can finally live her dream life. 
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