Awaken Your Soul Magic
Do you ever look around at your life and wonder, “Is this it?” Like deep down, something MAJOR is missing?
  • ​You've a dream business waiting to be born
  • ​You've a soul calling waiting to be answered
  • ​You've heart desires waiting to be fulfilled
  • ​You've a bigger purpose waiting to be revealed
And's frustrating that you don't have the missing piece and the answers you need, isn’t it?

Ever wonder WHY you’ve been searching for so long to discover your passion and purpose?

If you’re anything like me, you get bored and frustrated when you don’t get the results quick enough. The reason you're not manifesting your desire is simply because:

“You're missing one SECRET ingredient!”

You are still trying to figure things out on your own instead of tapping into the wisdom and power of the intelligent Universe to guide you. When you learn how to activate your soul magic, life flows with ease, grace and joy.

I’ve been through the process and I’ve helped others who have the same struggle as you to create a soul-aligned life and business: so you can do what you love, fulfil a life of purpose and get paid for it!

That’s why I've created "Awaken Your Soul Magic"- 3 month’s sacred journey where we’ll combine spiritual guidance and practical actions to transform your life and business through healing, meditation and coaching practices🔮

    “I found Elies at a period where I was very hard on myself, my inner dialogue was negative, and I wanted to do something with my life but was crippled by self-doubt and nothing was working.

    Elies helped me delve deeper into my spiritual side and this is where I found my heart led passion of becoming a Kids Yoga instructor, rather than the head lead money-driven idea’s that were not coming to fruition.

    Today I am the Owner and Teacher of The Moon Room Kids Yoga Studio.

    I love my job, and am inspired daily to grow more within this role and keep adding to my offering.”⠀

    - Erica Deegan, Mother of 2 who is sharing her passion for mindfulness and yoga to kids
    “Awaken Your Soul Magic"  
     Group journey


    You can’t fly high with a 10 kg baggage weighing you down at the same time, can't you? For this very reason, you’ll be learning the tools, techniques and methods you need to let go and release all that no longer serve you. We’re looking at major reset internally and externally. 


    Now that, you’ve unblocked the stuck energy, you’ve created an abundance of space to allow for greatness to unfold. 

    In order to not repeat the old patterns, we got to create a new pathway, new patterns, new habits, new way of thinking, new set of energy, new DNA, new light body and so on.

    You’ll learn how to stay in alignment so you can start receiving your own guidance and create your new reality. 


    It’s now time to give birth to your dream/desire from a higher frequency/perspective.


    You’ll continue to tap into your soul guidance while starting to create a new regime that’s uniquely yours, so you can take them with you beyond this program.  

    You'll also walk away with a 90 days Soul Strategy for you to implement even after the program ends.

    🔮 Imagine this...

    That feeling of lost, doubts, and emptiness inside you is now GONE! ✨

    You wake up having👇🏻

    ✅CLARITY on what's your action step for the day

    ✅CONFIDENCE to do what you love

    ✅COURAGE to be you and you (and get paid for it)

    You have full permission 💯 to say YES to what makes your heart sing!

    "A woman on  Purpose"

    Before working with Elies, I used to get frustrated with everything I do.  I felt heavy responsibilities on me as I did not enjoy the things I doThe course made me realized that I want to be a woman on purpose, not just do things for fun, but to do what light up my soul

    Now, I feel happy every morning and as I prepare to sleep at night, I still remember why I do what I do . And it’s going to be the reason why I still want to wake up in the next morning.

    It encourages women like me to strive and find what I have to do this year, and the years to come. So, thank you so much, Elies.

    After working with Elies I’ve finally come to know what I want to do in life. Now, I’m starting to build a business that would represent me and my authenticity.

    You've taught me how to “be me”.

    -Gedlin Frelin, Bali, multi-passion creative entrepreneur (Social Media Expert, Fashion/Jewellery Deisgner, Adhoc Creative Projects)

    “Awaken Your Soul Magic" with Elies

    • Spiritual Guidance of the Month
    • ​​WEEKLY Mystic Message
    • ​12 x training videos (weekly) 
    • ​12 x PDF worksheet (weekly)
    • ​12 x group coaching calls via Zoom (weekly)
    • ​​Adhoc Divine Download/Guidance
    • ​Exclusive private sisterhood community 
    • ​Lifetime access to "Divine Feminine" Library (meditation,  prayers, affirmations and more....)
    BONUS gifts for the first 3 women who register for our June intake!

    • FREE 50 Business Ideas FAST TRACK (worth $99)
    • ​FREE Soul Gifts Activation (worth $199)
    • ​FREE Soul Fire Accelerator (worth $299)
    • ​FREE Live Abundance & Prosperity Codes Activation (worth $499)
    • ​TOTAL BONUS of  $1000++ 
    • ​First come first serve (limited to 5 pax)
    • ​Schedule your FREE "Soul Strategy Call" now to establish if this is for you!

    This is a general guideline for the program for your reference. Elies is known to lead a program intuitively and will customize the program specifically according to the particular group’s energy. 

    Any questions? Get on a clarity call with her to have your questions answered.

    "Before working with Elies, I was floundering through life, trying to figure it out and getting nowhere, going around in circles.

    I was full of self-doubt and had no direction. Everyone thought I was happy and relaxed while on the inside, it was just a chaotic mess.

    I learned how to prioritize myself, that's the biggest thing. I'm not such a people pleaser anymore. I feel lighter, more confident, more certain, heading in the direction I wanted to.

    I recently created a travel and foodie blog! It's been really fun and I am much more the person that I wanted to be than when I started this!"

    - Tash, Australia, childcare worker and travel & foodie blogger

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