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You'll learn how to:
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  • Get connected to your "WHY" so you wake up excited every single day
  • Gain clarity on what's your next step & direction

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"A woman with Purpose"

Before Soul fire Accelerator, I used to get frustrated with everything I do. I am not someone that feels my soul on fire on doing the things I do. I feel heavy responsibilities on me as I do not enjoy the things I do. 

I don’t even remember why I started to do things.

The course made me realized that I want to be a woman with purpose, not just do things for fun, but would really light up my soul. I feel happy every morning and then when I sleep at night, I still remember why. And it’s going to be the reason why I still want to wake up in the morning.

It encourages women like me to strive and find what I have to do this year, and the years to come. So, thank you so much, Elies.

After the Soul Fire, I’ve finally come to know what I want to do in life. Now, I’m starting to build my business that would represent me and my authenticity.

"Soul Fire Accelerator" taught me how to “be me”.

-Gedlin Frelin, Bali

I was feeling my soul fire ignited and my eyes sparkled with delight at the same time. Felt so much lighter and energetic after the session, brimming full of ideas!

With Elies' calm and soothing voice guiding the meditation, I felt at ease and open. Love her beautiful energy. Would definitely recommend to join her and experience the magic for yourself!

Foo Shi Min, Singapore


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Elies Hadi is a spiritual business coach, meditation teacher, Divine Feminine Leader- as on radio 93.8 FM, ST, Yoga Journal, Wellness Insider & more.

After working in banking industry for 7 years, she was hit with the hard truth! No matter how much she pursued happiness, perfection, money or love- it simply was not enough. She felt empty in her heart and soul.

She was feeling like a living zombie every single day. After much ups & downs, she finally came to a point of “enough is enough”  and a life-changing decision was made. She quit her 9-5 job. She re-designed her life and took a leap of faith to follow her inner calling.

Fast forward, she is now passionate to help women to heal and love themselves, so they can feel excited, energised and happy again! 
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