"SELF LOVE” Program
with Elies Hadi 
Ever felt ashamed and guilty of yourself?
  • ​You feel miserable comparing your life to others
  •  You're not proud to show your work to others
  •  You're trying your best to hide all your "ugly past"
  •  Wondering when you'll ever feel GOOD ENOUGH?!
The “I AM NOT GOOD ENOUGH” struggle is real and it doesn’t have to be this way for you.
Have you been FIGHTING and PUSHING hard in life? 

You ended up beating yourself up and secretly hope, you'll "make it" in society's standard! (Ikr...that was me!)

That led to me to a miserable life where I felt empty and I was constantly finding fault with myself. It’s through my own healing journey that I finally found my passion and calling in life. 

I’ve come a long way to learn that SELF-LOVE is the foundation of healing and transformation.

This is WHY I created “Self Love Program" to help women like you, to heal and love themselves.

The TRUTH is... I think the idea of Self-Love is sometimes too "woo-woo" and this is why I make sure my Signature System is both SPIRITUAL and PRACTICAL!

After working with women globally, I created  3-Steps System: 


Through meditation, you learn to drop, let go and release all that no longer serves you, from limiting thoughts, pain from the past, regrets and fear. 


Through the use of Angel Healing & other tools, you'll receive the healing of the heart that it’s best for you. You’ll experience balancing of emotions and start feeling warmth and love in your heart again. 


Through assignment and coaching, you’ll integrate your learning, breakthrough and experiences into a daily or weekly ritual. It’s where you get to transform them into practical tools that you can bring home to use. 

These 3 Steps System is designed to help you on mental, emotional, spiritual and practical level! Think of it as "Practical Woo-Woo" if you may! 

    I often felt not good enough, not satisfied with my life and hated my own inner chatter!

    After working with Elies, I learnt to come to terms with myself! I learnt how to overcome my inner chatter!

    Best part? I finally learn to accept, appreciate and love myself more!

    And for sure, happier! 😀😀😀

    - Joyce Resurreccion, Singapore
    “SELF LOVE ”  Program 
    An intimate 3 months 1:1 journey to heal and love 
    When you immerse yourself into a self-love journey over 3 months, REAL transformation happens.  You'll learn about self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, self-acceptance and of course, self-love!

    Imagine waking up each day- feeling light, carefree, joy, gratitude and  love for yourself and life. You no longer beat yourself up, judge yourself, feel bad about yourself but instead, you start to be gentle, compassionate and kind to yourself.

    You'll start to feel more clarity, confidence and certainty in your life! If that's what you desire, continue to read on....
    Before , I was floundering through life, trying to figure it out and getting nowhere, going around in circles.

    I was full of self-doubt and had no direction. Everyone thought I was happy and relaxed while on the inside, it was just a chaotic mess.

    I learned how to prioritize myself, that's the biggest thing. I'm not such a people pleaser anymore. I feel lighter, more confident, more certain, heading in the direction I wanted to.

    I recently created travel and foodie blog!
    It's been really fun and I am much more the person that I wanted to be than when I started this!

    - Tash, Australia
    “SELF LOVE" Program 
    Over the course of 3 months, you'll experience:
    •  8 x private coaching with me (60 mins each)
    •  2 x private Angels Healing session with me (60 mins each)
    •  Guided Self-Love Meditation
    •  Self-Love Worksheet and Checklist 
    BONUS WORTH $997! 
    • 3 X Monthly "Earth Magic" Personalised Card Reading 
    •  2 X Follow-up call with me (45 mins each)
    •  Self-Love Affirmations (using Sacred Amulet)
    •  Activate Your Inner Goddess Meditation from "Wild Woman Wisdom Temple" 


    All the above ONLY for USD $2500 for launch special! Plus, you receive $997 worth of bonus if you sign up before 21st July! 

    *Payment Plan available upon request *

    This Experience is going to be FULLY CUSTOMIZED to cater to your needs! 

    If you believe you deserve to love yourself and do things that matters to your heart everyday, get on a clarity call and we'll discuss how we can make this a reality. 

    Apply now via "Clarity Call" below :) 

    “I found Elies at a period where I was very hard on myself, my inner dialogue was negative, and I wanted to do something with my life but was
    absolutely crippled by self-doubt and nothing was really working”

    Elies helped me delve deeper into⠀my spiritual side and this is where I found my heart led passion of becoming a Kids Yoga instructor, rather than the head lead money driven idea’s that were not coming to fruition.
    Today I am the Owner and Teacher of The Moon Room Mobile Kids Yoga Studio. ⠀
    I absolutely love my job, and am inspired daily to grow more within this role and keep adding to my offering”⠀
    - Erica Deegan, Kenya
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