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When you heal the energy of your business, your business thrives

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Your business is ready, are you ready?
Elies Hadi is a soul business coach and healer. She was featured on radio 93.8 FM, ST, Yoga Journal, Wellness Insider & more.

After working in banking industry for 7 years, she was hit with the hard truth! No matter how much she pursued happiness, perfection, money or love- it simply was not enough. She felt empty in her heart and soul.

She was feeling like a living zombie every single day. After much ups & downs, she finally came to a point of “enough is enough”  and a life-changing decision was made. She quit her 9-5 job. She re-designed her life and took a leap of faith to follow her inner calling.

Fast forward, she is now passionate to help  rising coaches, healers and lightworkers to reach their first $5k month ++, without the ickiness!
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