“From spinning in circle to living her passion”
I was full of self-doubt before and had no direction. I've loved these sessions with Elies. She's so easy to talk to and I think I've really grown so much over our sessions.

I thought I wanted to be in one place and I was wrong. I thought I looked happy and I was what I wanted to be on the outside. Everyone thought I was happy and relaxed while on the inside, it was just a chaotic mess. She taught me how to be vulnerable and open up and that it's okay to share an ask for help. That's been great.  

I learned how to prioritize myself, that's the biggest thing. I'm not such a people pleaser anymore. 'm much more calm and focused. Genuinely happier I think. I just feel lighter, more confident, more certain, heading in the direction I wanted to. 

Before , I just kind of floundering through life, trying to figure it out and getting nowhere, going around in circles.I am now much more centred and grounded. I feel much more the way I wanted to. 

The outside matches the inside a lot more now.I recently created a blog with my friend, a travel and foodie blog. 

It's been really fun and I am much more the person that I wanted to be than when I started this. So yeah, I'm not going back backwards to where I was. 
“From being lost to reconnected to her SPIRITUAL self”
I am so grateful for being able to be coached by Elies. I have reconnected with my spiritual needs and to be able to make loving myself and others easier .

I felt like she really listened and has helped to empower me to move forward by reconnecting me with resources and actions I had lost touch with. She has such a caring lightness that is very inspiring and uplifting.  

I recommend Elies to anyone desiring to make changes in their life.   

From being weighed DOWN to feeling LIGHT
“At the beginning of the year, and for the longest time in my life, I’ve often felt weighed down by lots of negative thinking and anxiety.

That has prevented me from pursuing many goals and from However, with Elies as my coach, I gradually let go of these feelings. Right now, six months later, I’m a very different person today. I’m much happier, lighter, free-er, calmer and I seldom take the negative route when thinking about a goal.

Thank you Elies!! You’ve marked a turning point in my life!” 
“I’ve been struggling to get my business rolling for the last couple of years and I have had problems pin-pointing what it was exactly what was holding me back, the blocks & obstacles. I’ve tried all sorts of things and it didn’t work, until I met Elies two days ago. I can’t even though believe what came out of our session.

She knew exactly what questions to ask. She was very loving but very direct into the point. She pulled some information out of me that I had buried very deep and these realizations that she allowed me to access were so transformational that in the last two days, already I feel so free and I’ve seen massive shifts in my business and how I’m putting myself forward. She is absolutely incredible. 

I just wanna say thank you, Elies! For anybody that’s thinking of booking a session with her, please do! She’s wonderful!” 
Calm manner and well thought out methodology
“Elies has a wonderful calm manner and a very organised and well thought out methodology. She sets up the conversation to make it easy to participate and prompts without poking. Her manner is very kind yet firm.

She excels at drilling down to the core of the issues. I also really liked that she focusses on action steps and keeps everything on track and moving forward” 
“From people-pleaser to showing up for herself”
 I never imagined a coaching call from Elies will change my life forever. I was a negative, low self esteem, low self confidence, people pleaser and procrastinator. The only thing I didn’t procrastinate is to sign up for transformational coaching under Elies. 

Her calming, confident, positive and honest demeanor draws me to look forward to her coaching sessions and she puts me at ease while she points out the issues that I am grappling with.  

Her systematic approach and guidance are easy to follow and insightful.  

I have learnt to show up and being myself, not to be hard on myself and be more assertive.

Valuable takeaways from Elies make this transformation journey priceless. Thank you Elies!  
From self-doubt to regaining back self-esteem!
“I was stuck in my business for 2 years, filled with doubts about myself. After my coaching call with Elies, not only that my business & finance has improved.

I’ve regained back my long lost self-esteem! I am now happier, more positive & confident.” 
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