Are you a rising coach, healer, lightworker who's ready for your first $5k++ month? 

Aligned Strategy
for coaches, healers & lightworkers

So, you've had your first taste of success in business, what now?
  • ​You've done the deep healing work 
  • ​You've had some business experiences under your belt
  • ​You're thrilled to get your healing business to the next level
  • ​You're excited to expand your clientele
  • You're super keen to hit your first $5k+++
And don't know what's your next step, sounds familiar?

It's rainbow and unicorns at the beginning and then nothing, I mean, nothing seems to work!

You found yourself asking these questions, again & again

"I've done everything right, why is it not working?"

"I've tried everything, what am I missing?"

"What exactly is wrong with my business?

"What's wrong with me?"

"Did someone says "marketing funnel"? What funnel? 

And the ultimatum that crushes you the most

"I want to serve but I don't have enough clients!
How am I supposed to fulfil my calling then?"

You scream "HELLP!!!....." silently

I hear you and I've been through the process and I’ve helped others who have the same struggle as you.

This is why I've created Soul Business Intensive- 6 weeks journey to accelerate your healing business, so you can share your gifts and get PAID for it 🔮 

    “ I've stepped out of my "perfectionist" mode and step into my "I can create anything" mode! I've just created a container for my 90 days vision. 

    Wow, what a relief! 

    Whatever you did in our session, it WORKED so so well!"

    - Madeline Astraia, Healers of the Rose
    “Aligned Strategy"  
    6 weeks group journey
    Imagine this

    For the first time, after a long time, finally...

    ✅ You wake up with money rolling into your bank account

    ✅ You are excited to serve the new clients you've called in

    ✅ You are super clear on your game plan for the next 90 days

    ✅ You are aligned and confident in selling your programs, without the ickiness

    ✅ You are fulfilling your calling to step up and serve others

    And the magic has just begun, are you ready to receive it?

    WEEK 1: Awakening your Divine CEO self

    WEEK 2: Calling in your Soulmate Clients

    WEEK 3: Rebranding your packages and pricing 

    WEEK 4: Creating your unique business strategy

    WEEK 5: Designing your 90 days action plan

    WEEK 6: Aligning your business on all levels

    *topics may vary according to the needs of the group*

    “Aligned Strategy"  
    6 weeks group journey
    What you will receive?
    • 6 x Training Videos + Worksheet
    • ​6 X Group Coaching Calls (weekly)
    • Members only FB group
    • ​Adhoc Guidance
    ALL-IN for US$997 only


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