50 Business Ideas for the Ambitious Spiritual
Boss Babes (to-be)!

If you've always dream of being your own boss, this is for you!
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  • A list of 50 business ideas for you to choose from
  • A quick and efficient tips to help you determine your ideal business
  • A simple guide to help you get started on your girlboss journey

I found Elies at a time in my life where I was very hard on myself and my inner dialogue was negative.

Elies helped me delve deeper into my spiritual side, which led me to my passion business to be Kids Yoga Teacher.

I still fumble, we all do, but I have tools to help me re-centre. I absolutely love my job, and am inspired daily to grow more within this role and keep adding to my offering. 

But most of all, I return to being kind and forgiving to myself and my eye is no longer only on the end goal, but rather on the journey and remaining present.

-Erica Deegan, Kids Yoga Teacher & Moon Studio Owner
Elies Hadi is a spiritual business coach, meditation teacher and Divine Feminine Leader as on radio 93.8 FM, ST, Yoga Journal, Wellness Insider & more.

After working in banking industry for 7 years, she was hit with the hard truth! No matter how much she pursued happiness, perfection, money or love- it simply was not enough. She felt empty in her heart and soul.

She was feeling like a living zombie every single day. After much ups & downs, she finally came to a point of “enough is enough”  and a life-changing decision was made. She quit her 9-5 job. She re-designed her life and took a leap of faith to follow her inner calling.

Fast forward, she is now passionate to help women to turn their idea into ideal business, so they can be that spiritual girlboss they dream to be! 
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