A glimpse of her past will be what she coined as “sparkly outside, dull inside”. The glamorous lifestyle externally while feeling empty inside of her. Through her self-discovery journey, she came to realize that no matter how much she pursue happiness, perfection, money, love, it simply was not enough.

Was she searching at the wrong place? Was she simply afraid to walk the wrong path?

After much ups & downs, she finally came to a point that “enough is enough”. She decided to re-design her life and took a leap of faith to fulfill her inner calling.

Fast forward to present time. She is a multi-talented life transformation, professional growth and mindfulness coach. She assists women to tap into their inner sparkle, that diamond within them. Diamond are girls’ best friends after all, isn’t it?

It’s about accessing their own wisdom and igniting their passion while staying practical and real. As an ex-banking industry executive for 6 years, she knows personally the level of the pressure and demands of the modern working women.

She has been learning and practicing the science of the mind, the art of balancing emotions and mindfulness for the past 11 years and counting. As for her coaching style, she is known to be gentle, inspiring and empowering.

As part of her own pursuit of passion, she speaks and writes regularly to share her experiences and knowledge.

She has been featured on motivational radio show at 93.8FM Live, Yoga Journal and The Master Shift (non-profit organization promoting world peace and meditation).

Ladies, it’s time to let your diamond shine bright and step into your own power.

Together, let’s glow and grow!

P.S: For query, email her at info@elieshadi.com

Be the best version of you!




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