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“In only 75 mins of workshop, I feel a total boost of confidence. The atmosphere of the workshop was fun, encouraging and positive. I also realise I’m not alone with the problems that I’ve. Now, I’m reassured that are always solution to my problems. It has helped me to regain my confidence, courage and power to create my desired life.
I’d highly recommend you to work with Elies”

-Foo Swee Chin,  freelance illustrator, comicbook artist and conceptual artist

“As a couple, we sometimes spend time with each other, the two of us only. But actually we need more quality time, not only sit and eat as 2  person. We don’t talk much about feelings. Most of our topics are about work and kids.

After Heart 2 Heart workshop, I realised by asking simple question and do some practice we can get the attention that we want and feel loved, IN ONLY 10 MINS. We can get quality conversation and feel loved even after being married with 2 kids!”

-Yuliana Koh, Singapore, Serial Entrepreneur

About Elies Hadi


“Empty living” is a thing of the past, as I feel alive doing what I love now. My inner calling is to assist women to tap into their inner sparkle (that diamond within them), to access their inner wisdom and ignite their passion, while staying real and practical.

HOME Teache2r2


Mindfulness is a way of living.  Through my workshop and classes, I teach others to understand and directly experience the impact and benefits of mindfulness.

HOME Coach


 Through speaking and experiential learning, I guide women to kickstart  their transformation and to create an impact on their life. My sharing revolves around my own life experiences, insights and practical actionable tips.

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